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Knights of Columbus  
Fourth Degree Knights Brothers of St Patrick
Christ Cathedral Assembly 3479 Church of Christ the King Galbally, Ireland
K of C District 89 First Baptist Church of Drain Oregon
K of C Chapter Orange County Pater Noster High School
Knights of Columbus Assembly 85  Sacred Heart Church
Dalton City, IL
Knights of Columbus Council 14699 Churches Moultrie County
Bethany, IL
Knights of Columbus Assembly 2305 Patrician Brothers
Knights of Columbus  Council 6020  Patrician Brothers Ghana
Knights of Columbus Council 6095 Patrician Brothers Kenya
Ancient Order of Hibernians
Lions Clubs
Lions USA Knowles Clan
Lions Project for Canine 
Companions for Independence
Magner Family in Illinois
 Murrieta, CA  Lions Club Magner Family Group
Murrieta Breakfast Lions Club Henneberry Genealogy
Lions USA Irish Septs
Myrtle Creek, Oregon Lions Club Irish Families in Illinois
Dunn Family Genealogy
Communities Dempsey Family
Bethany Illinois McGowan Family
Dalton City Illinois  Nolan Family
Drain Oregon  Bresnan Family

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